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Sympathy Cards (set of 100 cards)

£82,69 Excluding Tax

Set of 100 cards + 100 envelopes
+ 12 sample messages

Sympathy cards are a link with families, they convey the condolences of the veterinary teams.

Making contact with the family shows the attentiveness, professional and warm presence of the team alongside the family.

Neutral visuals (without specifying the species) can be sent to all families regardless of the species of their animal.

Sympathy cards are already available in sets of 20 cards made up of 6 dog, 6 cat and 8 neutral visuals.

Packaging of 100 cards and envelopes at less than £0,80.
40% less than in the box of 20 cards.

100 cards correspond to the annual consumption of 1,5 full-time equivalent veterinarians.

Finding the right words is sometimes difficult.
Here are some examples of sympathy messages:

We know how much “January” was a real member of your family and how sad you are. You gave him/her a home and a wonderful life. Our thoughts are with you.

May all the beautiful days spent with « April » remain engraved in your thoughts.

We will never forget the love you shared with “June”. You had such a beautiful relationship. We know how important our pets are.

Set of 100 cards + 100 envelopes and 12 sample messages

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